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Eyes Wide Open

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 Eyes Wide Open, Page One

 First Confession


Page 2



Brand New World

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The Shapeshifters

The Confessors


I’m late with this, and I haven’t done as much as I’d like but I thought I’d still post what I’m working on. What will probably happen is that you guys will see things as they come about while I’m working on world building, because I took this on without having a storyboard. But sometimes things just fall into place. So without further ado, you see my boys (minus color, because I didn’t get to it like I’d planned. Tonight I will though and I’m working on their names…see I told you this was spur of the moment 🙂

I’ll have to work on a blurb,  since these boys have much sin to confess. Also, just to spice it up, I won’t tell you which one ain’t really what they seem (they could really be a woman posing as a guy). One of them is a true shifter, with no allegiance to any one species or sex. I’m calling them the GW’s for short (Gorgon, Werewolf and Wizard)

This will be adult, but not R rated. And there will be lots of race mingling and spit swapping and couples doing what couples do, as that was the goal once I read the comments on Dear Author. These guys are my trio for now, but as with any graphic novel, they’re the ones, but they aren’t the only ones.

Bodyshots to tide you over.

Shift 1



The first pages will be up late tomorrow night/Saturday morning. So I’m late and I’ve only got one up, but I’m seeing how the story is progressing and changing some things. As soon as I feel the pages are HOT, I’ll post them. My goal is to have at least five up by Monday. Thanks for being so patient.

The Cast

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So far I’ve got a werewolf who looks like Tyrese, (occupation – cop) A Japanese gorgon (I’ve since made him into a Wizard) that looks like Takeshi Kaneshiro and a few more I’m working on. Any ideas or mythological hotties you’d like to see of from different ethnicities, I’m game.

I’ll work on a poster of the hot men of this Underworld folklore tonight and put it tomorrow after I color it in photoshop.

Hmm. how much skin to show? ….