Here We Go…Again

Alright, here’s what I came up with after the reboot…
The Wizard in Limbo compressed pic

The Wiz

I wanted a more graphically sexy, stylish feel to all this. The beginning has been revised with a darker, mature read. This is supposed to be a graphic novel as opposed to a comic, and I didn’t feel like the characters were headed that way. I did keep some of the sketches, which I’ll be revising in case I want to use them at a later date.

Anyway, I’m not gonna push it, I’ve got my character names now, and will hold off until this weekend to put up the revised pages. I’ve been practicing my coloring in Photoshop, and so here’s the result:

The Confessors compressed pic

Tommy, Draegan and Kaige

Here’s the Wizard, Tomiyuki “Tommy” Ioki:

Thomas Ioki

Bohannon “Bo” Kaige, the Lycan;


Bohannon "Bo" Kaige

 And the great scott, the Gorgon Scott Draegan;


Okay, I have a clearer vision of how I want this to go and can see how the characters will criss-cross in their private, paranormal, and love life. Whew…next goal, at least ten pages up by the end of November. Two pages a week.



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