About Time

Changing the world, one creature at a time.

If only it were that simple.

Anyway, for those wondering what’s the point of this graphic novel blog, well it all started with a post on Dear Author. Three hundred and some odd comments later, a lively discussion about the lack of minorities in the romance and paranormal genre really got to me. Like others on Dear Author I’m a reader and a wanna be novelist. But I also love to draw. And so, since many of my favorite paranormal and romance authors tend to forget that their fanbase is made up of diverse supporters (how else can the exclusion of Hispanic, Asian, African American, as well as multi-racial major protags be explained?) I decided the fastest way to get something out featuring a diverse cast was a web comic.  As a writer, I can’t see myself excluding, or continuously writing a series that only pairs one racial group together (Hey, its fiction guys. If you can lust after a werewolf or a vampire, how come you just can’t pick up a book with a Jewish or Asian leading man? Or African American? I just don’t get it). I guess I’m what you call a dreamer, but I really think its time everybody. It’s time to wake up and see the beauty in every race, and become more inclusive, not exclusive, especially since many have no problem cherry picking slang or whatever else they like from an under-represented culture. And I’ve decided, though I’d hate to part ways with many of the authors I’ve grown to love, taking a stand and not buying their lastest offering may be the only way to send a message that love (and lusting after someone) comes in all colors. Because its high time fiction writers saw the real.

That felt good…

And that’s the end of my rant. The next post here will be a brief synopsis on this world I’ve created. Here’s a pic of the black Valkyrie I’m excited about, because her backstory makes for a good storyline.

Compressed pic of new girl

A new recruit in the war on Paranormal terror

I’m still undecided about her name, but her story (which you’ll see in the coming weeks) is that she’s a newly minted Valkyrie, a cancer survivor who’d risked her life to stop a bullet meant for an innocent kid. And since the Valkyries were looking for new members, one very progressive Valk admired her bravery and offered to save her life, if she joined up. The rest of the story will be told in the web comic, but let’s just say, since I rarely see any fiction where a Valkyrie is a person of color, the road to becoming thought of as one of the bad azz V girls is a bit shaky, to say the least.


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